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Whistleblowers For Benghazi


Initial Benghazi attack on Sept. 11, 2012

About 8 months ago on Sept  11, 2012, 4 Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in a terrorist attack at a US Outpost in Benghazi, Libya. The attack was suspected to be produced by Al Qaeda extremists.

Now for the past 2 weeks, we find out we have 3 whistle-blowers that are willing to give information on what happened, but the Obama administration is trying to stop them from speaking the truth, even “bullying” them to keep quiet.

In March, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested that the Obama administration was blocking access to these witnesses and told them to “keep quiet.”

lindsey on benghazi

(R-SC) Senator Lindsey Graham on Benghazi Hearings

Every time congress asks the President, why he didn’t pick up he phone and ask if they needed assistance, he leaves no comment. Hillary Clinton was questioned on this situation. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) stated that her actions were inexcusable. Actions like: ignoring requests for more security, ignoring the fact that Libya was and still is a hot spot  These little things that had costed these 4 men’s lives. Also on several questions that he asked, like weapons transporting to other countries in the region, like Turkey, she states that she “doesn’t know,” or simply ignoring the question, and stating the she is “The Secretary Of State” and that she will be willingt o answer any questions. First off, we already know you’re the Secretary Of State, and Rand just asked you a question! So where is the response?

Now congratulations to her for taking responsibility, but another thing that was unacceptable was that the delegates sent to Libya were not accompanied by a military detachment, and all requests by the delegates for one, were simply ignored.

In a news conference two Mondays ago, Obama stated that he didn’t know of any whistle blowers  and that he would contact them. A week and a half has passed, where is the contact?

Finally, today on May 8th, these three men reported the information to congress. Their names, Gregory Hick-s Deputy Chief of mission, Mark Thompson- Deputy coordinator for Operations in Counter terrorism bureau, and Eric Nordstrom- diplomatic security officer.     According to Hicks, there were teams ready to administer assistance, one ready to board a Libyan C-130, but were ordered to stand down. Gregory Hicks…confused as to why.

House Holds Hearing On Benghazi Consulate Attacks

Gregory Hicks


Eric Nordstrom

all 3

From the left: Mark Thompson, Gregory Hicks, Eric Nordstrom

UN Ambassador Susan Rice went on 5 talk shows to state that the blame goes on a “video,” and also stated that it was a “Spontaneous” event not “Premeditated.

susan rice

UN Ambassador Susan Rice on Benghazi

These hearing that will be taking place like today’s, will determine who is at fault and what really went on. Will it be members of the State Department? What other agencies were in charge of keeping these men safe? What must we do to prevent something like this from happening again?